Cars, Rabbits, and More Food (we’re Bears after all!) – 99 Unique Questions

I’m starting to see myself a lot better recently. I’ve had the opportunity to actually sit down and ponder the answer to these questions and it has helped to (in some ways) improve myself and actually see what I really love about myself and what I could change to possibly love myself even more. When you ask yourself hard questions you tend to over analyse everything, I’m finding these simple questions so much revealing and somehow more honestly (or candidly depending how you look at it) answered.


oil-change31: Can you change the oil on a car?

Yes I can! I’m actually a little shocked at this answer since I am not particularly mechanically minded in the car world. I just care that my car gets me from point A to point B and in the swiftest time safely possible. I actually had my had teach me how to check my oil, fill it as well as charge my battery should it go flat, and change a tire should I happen to need bust one. I actually do have bad luck in terms of car travel so learning as much as I could about the specifics in maintaining my car came in very handy.


32: Ever gotten a speeding ticket?

I’m not proud to admit this but yeah I have got a ticket, I’ve actually accrued a few when I was younger up to the point where my licence was placed on a good behaviour suspension for a year. I do have a lightly lead foot; my mum (the police officer) has on more than one occasion said I’m the worst for it in my family. The only saving grace to this problem is that I only speed late at night in a car by myself, so the likelihood of others getting hurt is at a minimum. That being said isn’t an excuse to go out and do it, and I have had to curb my enthusiasm for going fast around the bend, its bot worth the cost to be perfectly honest.


33: Ever ran out of gas?

Once, thank god my car can run on gas fumes so I managed to get to the service station in the nick of time. I was practically using the slope to assist my movement so that I didn’t use the gas pedal unless absolutely necessary. I will admit I’m actually proud to know my cars limit in terms of refuelling so I can basically push it to its limit before I need to refuel and then I fill it up all the way and play the game again.


34: Favourite kind of sandwich?

Anything with Chicken and Avocado together gets my fancy. I love a nice salad in the mix to give me some extra filling. I’m a foodie so I’ll eat most things sandwich if it tastes good but I do have a preference for chicken simply because it’s much cleaner to eat. A steak or hamburger when juicy will almost always warrant the need for a napkin and plate, so as not to spill any on yourself but chicken is practically liquid free since it needs to be fully cooked to be edible.


35: Best thing to eat for breakfast?

Well I’m an Oats kind of fellow, but they do need to have a bit of taste to them. I’m pretty easy to be honest, I’m happy having most cereals for brekkie if they’re tasty and healthy (hard to find but the combo does exist). I also since working mornings in a kitchen have found I really enjoy poached eggs and avocado on toasted sourdough. It’s a healthy and filling brekkie for me and one I particularly enjoy making since it does take some practice to make the perfect poached egg, and I don’t always get it right. Lol.


561971_10151498234885506_686872697_n36: What is your usual bedtime?

That’s a hard one since my sleep patterns are erratic at the best of times… I’m essentially a night owl and prefer to up when it’s dark. With this established I still ne to at least get a minimum of 6 hours sleep for work otherwise the customers that piss me off will not appreciate what might end up in their sandwich (jokes). I try to hit the land of nod around 11/12 at night since I need to be up at 7 in the morning and I’m by no means a swift riser, I need my shower and grace period to gather my scrambled thoughts.


37: Are you lazy?

Yup! This one is me all over. I am indeed a very lazy person, and I make no real effort to hide it. I mean there’s a difference between lazy and unproductive, I am a very productive fellow. When I start something I will try and follow it through to the end to the best of my ability and if I should happen to fail I’ve learned what I need to do to do better next time. If something doesn’t need to be done however, then I won’t do it, unless there is possibly something to gain from doing the task earlier than expected. I can be proactive at times but it needs to warrant my attention for this to happen. My friends and family are always big precursors to this, if I feel to have to perform at the top of my game in this area then I will do so.


I do love Cosplay!!

I do love Cosplay!!

38: When you were a kid, what did you dress up as for Halloween?

‘When’ I was a kid? I still am one, just slightly bigger… No sadly in Australia we didn’t celebrate Halloween as prevalently as what those in America did. I actually dress up more now for Halloween than I ever did when I was a kid and it’s not only Halloween that I get suited up for. I enjoy getting to play a part and surprise my mates with the effort I’ve put in to looking the part. It’s well worth the look of surprise and I certainly got it a few months back when I did professionally styled drag for the first time. Although I’ve learned from that experience that pantyhose are my friend and the razor is not… Ingrown hairs on a bear are evil!!!


Rabbit-chinese-astrology39: What is your Chinese astrological sign?

Well I’m playful, cute and furry, I have an artistic side to me and my manner is calmer than most so what does that say to you? I’m a Rabbit under the element of Fire. I thought I’d learn more about the signs when I was a little younger and found that my disposition did align with the descriptors of the Chinese Zodiac fairly well and I just thought it was really cool that I was considered a philosophical creature that possessed a compassionate nature, and a true and honest desire for love and relationships.


40: Are you horny?



The Half Way Body

Me 4 Years ago and 60 kilograms (132.27 pounds) heavier.

Me 4 Years ago and 60 kilograms (132.27 pounds) heavier.

It’s been more than four years since I made the change in my life to live healthier and lose over 60 kilograms and not a day goes by that I regret my decision, but there are some days where I wonder to myself how much longer till I can relax? It’s been such a long and winding journey for me, with many ups and downs, bruised and rolled ankles, compliments from friends and family alike, temper tantrums unleashed on my family when they ate rewards food, being able to buy clothing in stores such as Jay Jays and Myer instead of Lowes. I’ve pushed myself further and harder than I’ve thought possible countless times and have always come out stronger on the other end but do I feel like I’ve really accomplished what I set out to do? Short answer is no. I have a half way body

After reading a fellow bloggers (The Bipolar Bear) post on the before and after body it got me thinking, am I in my after body? God knows the before body I had was totally different from what I have now, just today I showed my picture to a co-worker and they didn’t believe that it was me. They always congratulate me and say it must have taken an exemplary amount of work to get there (and it did) but I almost always reply to them that I’ve still got a bit left to go. I even, in the last week while visiting Melbourne, had numerous mates compliment me on my appearance stating that they thought I had lost more weight after which I replied I had actually put some on due to my move to Sydney. It was like I wasn’t accepting their views but instead disagreeing when they could have been right, after all I haven’t been on a set of scales since I moved, who’s to say I haven’t lost some?

The question now is do I truly have more to lose, I mean I have lessened the training a bit and allowed myself to gain a bit so I didn’t feel ‘too thin’ for my size, but do have more to go? It’s something I’ve been wondering lately and I think the answer in some ways is yes. I have come so far, but there ar things I still wish to achieve, such as more muscle tone and definition as well as a little more tightness around my midsection – I really can’t stand my muffin top, it makes buying and wearing clothes so unbearable when it all fits except around the waist. I sometimes even wonder if I do indeed already have my after body and that I just have to learn to live with the stretch marks and extra skin I’m left with. But it is a constant reminder of what I’ve fought so hard to eliminate, seeing it every day just makes me feel like I’ve got more to go.

Me at around 95 kilograms and proud of myself

Me at around 95 kilograms and proud of myself

It’s not like I don’t know I have achieved a fantastic result, I only need to look back at some of my old pictures to see what I’ve done, but when I see other people appear more comfortable with their bodies then I am that I feel like I must still have more to lose if I can’t feel free to let it all hang out. Am I just projecting what I want from what they seem to have? I’m me, but it still doesn’t stop me from wishing that their body was mine at times. It’s like my self-esteem is seemingly linked to how I see myself when compared to others, and this is ridiculous. Even knowing this I find it hard to tell myself that it’s simply not the case and that I’m perfect just the way I am. Self-confidence is a tricky thing and it takes very long (sometimes years) to build it up but almost seconds to destroy if one lets it be so.

I’ve learned that not everything I think is true, and even if something is true that doesn’t always make it helpful (thank you Christopher Banks) but when your imagination and mind tend to run away all by themselves it can be hard to always keep up with it and stay on top. I suppose I just have to take these things one day at a time, realise that my body will get to where I want it eventually with hard work and patience (and a little luck) and that I shouldn’t ever expect perfection because none of us are.

Food, Film, and Nudity – 99 Questions You Should Ask

Back to the questions once more and it looks like these are some pretty cool ones, albeit a little random for some of them. I will admit getting to write these and post them up onto my blog has been a lot of fun. I really finding that doing this has given me a fresh look on how I write and it has allowed me to more easily put myself into my writing so to speak. Now onto the questions!

MV5BMTU3MjQzNjMxMF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMjIwNDgyMQ@@._V1_SY317_CR5,0,214,317_21: What’s your least favourite movie?

Hehe, this is an easy one. If you’re a science fiction reader then you’ll know doubt have at least heard of the Dune book series… For me Dune is a series of three movie my father made me watch as a kid. Most children at the age of 8 don’t have the mental fortitude to watch nine hours’ worth of intense science fiction with the undertones of political anarchy and revolution. I tried my best after I grew up a bit (21) to watch the redone films but I still go back to those nine gruelling hours (over and over again) and I get turned off really swiftly. Maybe I’ll try again when I’m 30 to watch it.

The other film  guess you could say is a double edged sword for me is Bicentennial Man (a Robin Williams film) that every time I watch I cry for hours afterwards. I won’t ruin the film for those of you who haven’t seen it, but it really brings out strong emotions in me and I can’t help but cry until I manage to pull myself out of the little black hole my mind has created. Don’t get me wrong I don’t hate the film; it’s actually a beautifully done movie but I hate the after effects that come from watching it. =(

22: Where would you bury hidden treasure if you had some?

Where no top has ever been… Just kidding! Ummm, I kinda do already have a treasure box that I put all of my special items in. Granted it’s a small jewellery box but it’s something that holds some very precious items surrounding my life. If I were to actually bury the box though I guess where I place it is my prerogative and I couldn’t tell you otherwise it wouldn’t be hidden treasure would it? But I will say this, its hidden in the place where the green is long, the mission close by is yellow, and Bruce is very wet…

23: If you’re a girl, bra size? If you’re a guy, pants size?

I guess it’s not too surprising I’m a fan of undies, my size is generally that of a 36/38 or XL depending on which way you look at it. I am always constantly buying new pairs since I do like the way they make my butt look. That being said I am in many ways a very shy guy so those who see me in my undies (outside of Underbear) are very lucky since it does take some time to coax me out of my clothing and only wearing them. I still suffer some big body confidence issues, heck I still almost always play with some kind of shirt or singlet on when its one on one.

24: What do you dip a chicken nugget in?

Name your poison I’ve dipped it into it. I love chicken nuggets and I love getting to bake them and sometimes make up my own sauces to try them in. I’ve tried some really weird combos; including (but not limited to) peanut butter, lemon marmalade, soy sauce, maple syrup and of course all the stock standard sauces – barbeque, tomato, aoli and sweet and sour sauce. What about you, what do you did it in?

24346_l25: What is your favourite food?

Spaghetti Bolognaise and all its variants! You really shouldn’t need to ask if you know me well enough. I love pasta, I write a recipe almost one in every five I write up will contain pasta of some sort. It does make keeping my waist line manageable a bit harder but I make my peace with this little fact.

26: What movies could you watch over and over and still love?

I have a few but one of my all-time favourites is Three to Tango with Matthew Perry and Neve Campbelle. The story of a man falling in love with a woman who thinks he’s gay is really a funny premise and one I never get tired of. I also love Disney’s Beauty and the Beast and I’m not ashamed to say I sing along to the songs every time I watch it. I also enjoy The Faculty, it’s one of my favourite Sci-Fi movies and I do watch it at the very least once a month. I guess one final one I’ll mention is a bit of a dark horse for many Anime fans and that’s End of Evangelion, this movie basically shatters the very fragile world of the anime and essentially fucks with your mind over and over again. I have watched this movie so many times and each time I find something new to fathom from the content I am provided.

DSC0044227: Last person you kissed/kissed you?

Are we talking kissed or snogged? Cause that’s different… Well the last bloke I kissed was my current roomie Dean, a very sweet and handsome Italian bear whom I share a close bond with and love very much. As for snogged? Well that would be a certain Bear Man of Adelaide. I won’t reveal who since that’s not exactly a very classy thing to do I think; locker rooms and the back of the bar with a few close mates are where those kinds of discussions are had and stories are told.

28: Were you ever a boy scout?

Nope. I was given the opportunity to join at one point when I was younger but I never really saw the appeal of it all. I had more interest in indoor events than going out into the wild and getting all roughed up so that I could earn an achievement. It seemed like a lot of work for little payoff (in my opinion) plus I had to be brutally honest I was a bit of fragile kid in terms of outdoors buggery and the like, I was very much a home body.

29: Would you ever strip or pose nude in a magazine?

I’m waiting for BWM to ask me to do my centre fold spread…. Haha! Well I’ve never really considered it, then again I’ve never thought of myself as porn material or even at the very least aesthetically tasteful enough to warrant such a photo shoot. It would be a very surprising offer and one I may consider very long and hard about before I gave my answer. I mean with the availability of Tumblr now you don’t really need to be offered a magazine spread, just start snapping away and post it up there and people will like your pic if they think you’re hot. So I guess my answer is I don’t know, if it was tasteful and I had input then I possibly would say yes I suppose.

1008532_10151668642834222_1296033628_o30: When was the last time you wrote a letter to someone on paper?

This one was a few years back when I was writing to a very special man I know in Melbourne. Mr Jack Andrew Chapman (a cubby I hold close to my heart) and I actually sent each other a notebook that we both wrote in and sent back to one another after we had put in an entry of our own. I thought of the idea a while back when he suggested we contact each other via mail and I thought it would be a very personal way to chatting to one another since we’d still have all our old letter to one another should we wish to re-read them and look back on the past a little. It’s one of the reasons I do write and own a journal, so that I can look back on the life I have lived and just picture the thoughts in my mind I once possessed a year or two ago. It’s a very special thing to me to be able to step back into the past; my journals are essentially my very own portable TARDIS. =)

Enviously Green Soup

17221_lSpinach and Broccoli Soup

It’s another green soup here to try and one I have to admit is quite yummy. I know I’ve professed a number of times to dislike broccoli but it seems that over the last few month of eating it I’ve come to find it less distasteful and actually enjoy it. Sure I still find it a bit hard to eat it by itself but if you add it with a nice roasted chicken or grilled steak. That aside, you’ll really enjoy this recipe and it’s another superfoods recipe packed with healthy benefits found once again in Spinach.

Prep Time

10 min

Cooking Time

40 min



  • 1 tablespoon Olive Oil
  • 1 large Brown Onion, chopped
  • 2 Garlic Cloves, crushed
  • 500g Sebago Potatoes, peeled, chopped
  • 530g Broccoli, cut into florets
  • 1 litre Chicken Stock
  • 120g Baby Spinach
  • 1/2 cup Pure Cream


Utensils Recommended

  • Large Saucepan
  • Stick Blender



  1. Heat the oil in your large saucepan over a medium-high heat. Add in the onion and garlic. Cook, making sure to stir, for 3 minutes or until onion has softened. Add broccoli and potato. Cook, and stir for 5 minutes.
  2. Add in the stock and season it with pepper. Cover it and bring bring it to the boil. Reduce heat to medium-low. Simmer for 15 to 20 minutes or until potato is tender. Add spinach in the last 2 minutes of cooking and allow the leaves to soften and wilt. Then set it aside for 5 minutes to cool slightly.
  3. Blend the mix until smooth. Return it to the pan over a low heat. Add your pure cream. Cook, for 2 minutes or until heated through, make sure to stir to avoid any of the soup to catch on the bottom of the pan.


Helpful Hints

If you do prefer your soups to have more of a thickened texture add a small amount of watered cornflour to the mix and stir it into the soup and allow for it to thicken. About 1 or 2 heaping tablespoons with a small amount of cold water added to a  mix this size should be enough.

99 Questions Jumping in my Head…

On to part two of my 99 unique questions series. I was looking forward to a few of these questions because I’d like to think it actually reveals a few things about me when I come to think and write down the answers. I had a laugh at a few of them too actually; I mean c’mon, most of the people I know would answer yes to these questions too. I have some awesome friends! Lol.

11: Do you ever count your steps when you walk?

Yeah on occasion I do count my steps. I sometimes do it when I’m training at the gym and I’m doing weight training or lunges. I don’t wanna do any more steps that I absolutely have to – but when you have a personal trainer behind you 10 steps always somehow becomes 20… I swear these guys must have flunked math or something… I guess I also count the number of steps I take when I walk on pathway and try not to step on the cracks. “Two small steps, one big step, two small steps, one big step” and you get the idea…

bear_woods12: Have you ever peed in the woods?

This one is a given, living in the sticks and country side we went out to wooded areas all the time and since nature doesn’t provide me with a urinal I tended to create one on my own behind a tree or bush.

13: What about pooped in the woods?

Now this one I have to begrudgingly say yes to. I not a big fan of outdoorsy kinda travel if it’s in the middle of nowhere; and it’s for this very reason. I’d much rather a porta-loo than having to dig one up and squatting… I’m a Cub of refinement (or so I tell myself) and almost always try to hold on for as long as can before I have no choice but to do my business in the woods in a ditch… Ugh.

14: Do you ever dance even if there’s no music playing?

Umm, yes… I mean I’m a pretty groovy person and if there’s no music playing I just tend to sing myself and start grooving. But yeah when I’ve possibly had a few to drink I just imagine music in my head and bop along when no one’s watching…

15: Do you chew your pens and pencils?

Yep! I’ve done this for as long as I can remember. It’s not a prevalent habit though; I only usually do it either when I’m bored or stressed. I’ve actually started doing it less after an unfortunate mishap with a purple glitter pen and a busted bottom; it looked like a fairy had punched me hard in the face…

Jump on in there's room for two...

Jump on in there’s room for two…

16: How many people have you slept with this week?

Oh thank god I didn’t write this one last week during Southern Hibearnation….. I guess this week I have slept with no one presently. So that’s something I might want to try and change, but I’m not really stressing if it doesn’t. I’m just glad this week I haven’t shown any bear flu symptoms!

17: What size is your bed?

It’s generally a queen sized bed, but my current one is a single. I need to upgrade when I move into my next apartment, a single makes it very hard to mingle….

18: What is your Song of the week?

Well if I’m going by what I’ve listened to the most it would be Stay by Rihanna. I just love the sombre sound to it and the fact it’s something different to what I usually hear from her.

5346287485_8c53c9de33_z19: Is it okay for guys to wear pink?

Real men wear pink! Haha. I do wear it and I have no hassles to flaunt it. Heck I have a couple pair of undies that are pink and one of them is actually my favourite to wear when I’m planning to play up.

206137_472431376117756_1646906903_n20: Do you still watch cartoons?

Oh hell yes! This one is very much a given. I am what most people would call an anime enthusiast, I grew up watching Japanese animation (Anime) and I have never really stopped. The first series I was introduced to was actually one of Japan’s most highly regarded series – Neon Genesis Evangelion. The music, the fights, the characters and complete mindbender that was End of Evangelion has had me watching this series over and over again. I also love the more current and relevant anime’s out now like Bleach, One Piece, and Naruto – I’m a Shōnen Jump lover and have been unknowingly for quite some time, since I came across Dragon Ball Z actually.

Super Soup

22940_lSpinach and Coconut Soup

This recipe was one I cam across and found quite intriguing, since I don’t believe I’ve ever tried an actual coconut flavored soup before. I have of course used coconut  in a number of my recipes and I do enjoy the full flavor that it brings to a dish and this time was no exception. A meal that was soft in its sweet flavor and deliciously complimenting with the added taste of spinach – Popeye’s miracle vegetable! The added bonus of this meal is Spinach icomes packed with numerous health benefits including numerous anti-oxidants, lowered blood pressure, an increase in your immune system just to name a few.

Prep Time

10 min

Cooking Time

20-25 min


  • 2 bunches English spinach, stems trimmed
  • 25g Butter
  • 1 Brown Onion, chopped
  • 2 Garlic Cloves, crushed
  • 2 cups ‘Real’ Vegetable Stock
  • 1/2 (700g) Cauliflower, cut into florets
  • 270ml can Coconut Milk
  • 1/4 teaspoon Ground Nutmeg
  • pinch of Cayenne Pepper
  • warmed Naan Bread, to serve

Utensils Recommended

  • Large Saucepan
  • Stick Blender/Food Processor


  1. Rinse the spinach leaves, shaking off any excess water. Melt the butter in a large saucepan over medium heat. Add onion and cook for 5 minutes or until its tender and opaque. Add in the garlic and cook for 1 extra minute, make sure to stir to avoid burning your garlic.
  2. Add in the stock and cauliflower. Cover and bring to the boil. Cook for 8 minutes or until cauliflower is tender. Add spinach and cook for 2 minutes or until they’re just wilted.
  3. Using your food processor or blender, process soup in batches, until smooth. Return soup to the saucepan. Place over medium heat.
  4. Add 250ml of the coconut milk, nutmeg and cayenne pepper. Bring to gentle simmer, taste it to test the flavour and add extra salt or pepper to level it out. Ladle into cups. Drizzle with remaining coconut milk. Season with pepper and serve with the naan bread.

Okay guys, time to quit reading and start cooking, have a go and tell me what you think. If you have any questions or queries please don’t hesitate to ask.

Cold Cure in a Bowl

30061_lChicken Noodle Soup

Yeah I know, chicken soup isn’t exactly the most cold curing meal out there but you cant deny that its a good meal when you are feeling under the weather as it will always perk you up and give you good boost of energy that you may be lacking. This one is more of clear broth soup and probably one of my favorite recipes to date for its simplicity. So give it a go and enjoy.

Nutritional Information

Protein: 39.50g, Dietary Fibre: 6.20g, Fat Total: 19.10g, Saturated Fat: 5.30g, Carbohydrate Total: 22.30g, Energy: 1802Kj, Cholesterol: 124.00mg, Sodium: 1560mg.

Prep Time


Cooking Time



  • 1 Roast Chicken
  • 1 tablespoon Olive Oil
  • 1 Leek, trimmed, halved, washed, chopped
  • 1 Large Carrot, peeled, chopped
  • 2 Celery Stalks, chopped
  • 1 litre Chicken Stock
  • 3 cups Cold Water
  • 1/2 cup Pearl Barley, rinsed
  • 1 tablespoon chopped Fresh Flat-Leaf Parsley Leaves

Utensils Recommended

  • Large Saucepan


  1. Remove and discard skin and bones from the chicken and shred the meat, basically you want to cut it thin lengthways.
  2. Heat your oil in the saucepan over a medium-high heat. Add the leek, carrot and celery and cook, making sure to stir every 5 minutes or until the leek is tender. Next, add your stock and 3 cups cold water. Bring to the boil, add in the barley and reduce the heat to low. Simmer, with the soup partially covered, skimming surface for scum, for 25 to 30 minutes or until vegetables and barley are tender.
  3. Finally add the chicken. Cook for 10 minutes or until chicken is heated through. Stir in the parsley and season with salt and pepper. Serve and enjoy.

Be Creative

Now it’s quite a simple recipe and if you you’re just after a chicken soup this works really well but if you’d like a little extra taste you can always edit by placing in extra ingredients. For instance you could add bacon bits, either fresh by adding it into the oil with the vegies at the start or adding dry baked when you add in the stock. Also you could chose to add either crushed ginger or roasted garlic to the mix when you add your vegies, giving them a nice flavour and adding a boost to your immune system.